Thursday, August 13, 2009

Blotters- The Beginning: Putting the 'poo' in pool....

This is the incident that inspired the creation of this blog. I first featured it in my other blog, Cattledog Manifesto and by the time I'd posted 2 more from the same paper within the week, I figured it was time for a 2nd blog.

The following is from the Yankton Press & Dakotan, published Aug 7, 2009:
"A request for an officer was received at 7:49 p.m. Wednesday. Memorial pool staff requested that an YPD Officer speak with an 8-year-old boy about pooping on the floor. Boy was spoken to and advised he would not do it again."

Note to parents: If your child has the bathroom habits of a 10 week old Cocker Spaniel, he is too young to go to the pool by himself.

I love how this entry has so much ambiguity. For instance, the pool staff wanted the cop to speak to the boy ABOUT pooping on the floor? Did they want the boy to be REPRIMANDED, or did they just want to watch a kid squirm while a strange man talked to him about public defecation?

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  1. Man, I wish the cops would come to where I work. Public pool has poop floating around every day. People can be disgusting. Thing is it is the ADULTS not the kids who do it here!!